Has your car been clamped or towed?

If there’s one thing worse than returning to you car to find a clamp on the wheel – it’s returning to your car to find it’s not there.

It happened to me within 24 hours of moving to London. I hadn’t sorted out a resident’s parking permit and figured I’d get away with sticking my car in one of the many empty bays for five minutes…

Not a chance. A few hours later I was in a dingy office in Wembley, reluctantly forking over the best part of £200 to get my motor back. Have you been clamped or towed?

To help you avoid making the same mistake I did we’ve got information on how to avoid getting clamped, and what you should do if it happens to you.

There have been many horror stories about clamping in the past: hearses being clamped, people not getting their cars back for weeks, and extortionate amounts charged for release fees.

Steps have been taken to regulate the industry which makes £240 million per year. Today wheel-clampers now have to be trained, get criminal record and identity checks before they can get a licence to clamp. In some parts of the country, such as Scotland. clamping on private land has been outlawed.

Has your car ever been clamped or towed?



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19 responses to “Has your car been clamped or towed?

  1. NONE of you will get your money back, appeals go to the shredder. That’s why you have to write to a PO Box number. They don’t even open the letters.

  2. jackie

    I have just had my car towed away, and had a shock after leaving work found my car gone. what gives anyone the right to do that and heavily fine someone to get the car back. even though he machine was not working at the time i parked.

  3. Vavalog

    I forgot to put a visitors ticket on my car (I ALWAYS put one in my car apart from this time) and when I returned my car had been towed away. I called the Brent car pound who told me that I received a penalty charge notice and half an hour later I had been towed. I have just paid £255 to get it back? I was parked in a residence bay on a quiet road where there is always plenty of parking. I am going to appeal because I can’t help feeling that I have been robbed!

  4. lloydee banks

    They dont see it as if you’re blocking a main entrance. Its just a way to make money. I heard tow-ing and clamping on private land is becoming illegal in the UK, if not already illegal.

  5. lloydee banks

    They dont see it as if you’re blocking a main entrance. Its just a way to make money. I heard tow-ing and clamping on private land is becoming illegal if not already illegal.

  6. Maria Scott

    Very nice post

  7. rOSE.bUD

    I’ve just bee n clamped and towed after parking in a friends private car park whilst visiting, was not using someones elses space or blocking entrance anywhere. Really people do this as a job…….? Fair enough if your blocking an important entrance or a doctors or emergency parking space but when your not harming anyone, come on where are their morals!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ben lewis

    ive just been clamped this morning, but my car was parked on my land not on the road, havent got a clue where i stand with this!

    they want me to pay 260 to get the clamp removed

    any ideas where i stand with this?

  9. Appreciate the description.

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