Budget 2008: bad news for car owners?

Hummer H3

Rumours suggest tomorrow’s budget will see fuel prices increase by 2p per litre – although the price raise is expected to be delayed until later in the year.

Chancellor Alistair Darling is also believed to be considering a £1,000 tax charge on the most polluting cars that drivers will have to pay in the first year of ownership.

What do you expect from the 2008 budget?



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30 responses to “Budget 2008: bad news for car owners?

  1. Appreciate you spending some effort in order to post this terrific blog post. I’ve were living in Encinitas since the time I was first given birth to & could not be more content with our city. Thanks again!

  2. Alex

    How can they possibly say “It’s for the environmental reasons”!!! How stupid do they think we are?!? We all know that its just a great little cover up story for them which makes them feel that its ok to TOTALLY RIP US MOTORISTS OFF, and be left over with no money to spend on what we actually want to! It seems to me you are fine if; either you earn the same salery as Bill Gates. Or if you scrounge and live off the government! As they seem to give you everthing they possibly can for free! The rest of us may as well forget it!!! Either screw us on Road tax, fuel tax or showroom tax, but puh-lease not on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! This country is a joke, and a laughing stock to the motorists of all other countries in the EU, possibly the World! Sort it out Brown! Or just do us all a favour and GET OUT!

  3. pgray

    i think its all down to greed greed greed its all wrong they use the planet as an excuse what happened in the ice age did the animals f*rt to much,why dont they come down a cog,they should put it on fuel not on car tax as im not aloan with a car sitting in a lockup or on a road somewhere not being used because of work like mine running a pub opening in the afternoon and again at night,and theres old age pensioners that dont drive much its totally unfair i could go on but its a wast of time

  4. Damaged Goods

    Why do we bother with road tax anyway? Would’nt it make sense to scrap the antiquated road tax system in favour of raising the money through additional fuel duty? That way we would, firstly – save having to pay the salaries (not to mention the gold-plated pensions) for thousands of DVLA staff in Swansea, and, secondly achieve the oft-stated goal of making the worst ‘polluters pay’; either because they drive the worst gas-guzzlers and/or they do the most mileage. That would surely be fairer, cheaper and simpler.
    But there again I suppose it would be far too simple an idea for mere MP’s to grasp!

  5. Nighthawk

    In 2029 we are due an asteroid impact (or near miss) making a mokery of climate change so why worry!!
    In the meanwhile lets try and convince the major polluters to change their ways–some hope.
    What charging a few 4×4 owners a few quid is going to do for global warming is anyones guess.
    Oh I forgot its all about MONEY !!

  6. Wobbletastic

    I wonder if Mr Darling has ever wondered how the end of the last ice age came about in the absence of Range Rovers? Probaly not actually… because the stupid labour government have made such a cock-up of running this country that they need to steal more money than ever of us.

  7. pja

    I own a 4×4 solely because I tow a large caravan, and it is always recommended that the caravan should weigh less than 85% of the towcar’s unladen weight. There arent many cars that weigh 2000kg so my choice is limited. Does this therefore spell the death knell for the british caravan makers larger models, and more likely cause an increase in caravan accidents caused by the wrong towcars being used. The termology of gas guzzlers too causes offence and my 4×4 does 32 mpg when many more powerful cars do far less.

  8. Irish

    This is just a stealth tax. Makes labour look green (to the blind) and hits just about every driver who doesn’t own a Prius. If they were really trying to be green the money made from this scam would be poured back into public transportation, but we all know it wont it’ll be for the new 2nd house allowance so they can get plasma’s in. As always the working men and women with family’s get hit. Also Alcohol increase’s?!?! yes this will stop bing drinking won’t it.

    Im off to look for flights to Australia where my skills will be appreciated.

  9. Layne

    I think there is a simple solution to this problem. I would scrap road tax all together and just make fuel a bit more expensive. This means that the more people drive then the more they pay. I might drive a huge gas guzzling car for 3,000 miles a year which would be far less polluting than someone who drives a small car for 30,000 miles a year. also the more you use the road, the more you would be paying for repairing the roads! It makes so much sense. You would also be removing the overhead costs of the current tax disc system. Nobody would be able to dodge paying the tax, and it would also mean foreign drivers would be paying tax for using our roads.

  10. Yes I have a band g car, and will have to pay the £400 tax. I resent this in itself as it is a poor excuse to make money once again out of us brits. But what really gets me is if I have to pay it then leave me alone, with my choice of car. It is not an ego trip it’s what I like. We have no children so me and my husband use less electricity, water and create only half a bag of rubbish a week as we recycle everything else, I re use my carrier bags every week. I also only do 4000 miles a year so probably polute a lot less than lower emission cars doing all their small run around journeys. I try to get the bus but am charged £5.50 return to the next village 4 miles away, I get wet and cold when it’s delayed and have to walk with heavy shopping back. I also cycle but end up very hot or wet and bedraggled at my destination, and cannot manage much shopping. This country makes up for only around 2% of world pollution, I have just been to thailand and the pollution spilling out of there was discusting. It is the same in China, India, USA etc. how small are we compared to these. Nature will cause natural changes and disasters in the world as it has been for millions of years, taking a extra £100 from me will not stop this, so it is just an excuse. If it’s as bad as the government makes out then use a different fuel as we know they are out there. At least my car is looked after and serviced every year to keep it as clean as possible and muck doesnt poor out like on some of the cheap small cars where one knock of the exhaust has put a hole in it. If the government is compelled to take this money from me be honest as to why and maybe send it to a good cause. Role on the next election.

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