Hamilton denied F1 title on technicality

Lewis Hamilton

Should Lewis Hamilton have been the Formula 1 world champion this year?

His McLaren team certainly think so, but the FIA (F1’s governing body) threw out an appeal on Friday which could have made Hamilton the 2007 world champion.

McLaren had appealed three cars which finished in front of Hamilton, claiming they used illegally-cool fuel in the final race in Brazil.

The FIA took three-and-a-half weeks to get around to discussing the appeal as the world championship hung in the balance.

The meeting began on Thursday morning and concluded late on Friday. McLaren’s case was thrown out on technical grounds.

McLaren was found not to have a “direct interest in the decision under appeal” – which is surprising given Hamilton finished behind three of the drivers under appeal – and were told they should have filed their appeal within half an hour of the race finishing.

No-one wants to see the world championship decided in a court room – not even Lewis Hamilton – and F1 has had far too many controversies this year.

Had the appeal been lodged within 30 minutes of the race ending it could have been a different story.

But now we’ll never know.


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