Send your questions to Dominic Littlewood

We’ll be interviewing haggling guru Dominic Littlewood next Monday – and we want you to ask him some questions.

He’s given us some top tips on how to haggle.

Dom first appeared on TV in Channel 4’s Faking It, where he taught a vicar how to sell a used car.

Dom Littlewood

After co-presenting BBC’s Wrong Car Right Car, he was given his own show, helping people get deals for cheap, called Don’t get done, get Dom.

Now he’s currently taking part in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

To ask Dom a question, just post it in the comments section below.

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38 responses to “Send your questions to Dominic Littlewood

  1. If a cheque is written on a joint account where it is either to sign after they have advised the bank that one member of the account has died. Can the bank legally bounce the cheque for anything other than lack of funds. My fathers bank bounced a cheque he had written on his joint account stating that it could have been written by his wife. However surely they are legally responsible for checking who has drawn the cheque and honoring it if proven to be drawn by an authorised signature on the account for an amount that they have available on the account?

  2. steven chapman

    Hi, in march 2010 I got a friend builder to quote to replace some roof tiles at a coat of 900 pounds, at the time I was considering an side extension to my property which eventually I agreed a price of 16000 with same builder, he started work in may of 2010 and was to include roof as part of the total works, as the build progresed we had extra work done ie kitchen fitted and tiling done, I paid him in cash an approx total of 21000 pounds, I kept a record of what I gave him as build went on expecting a final invoice at the end, there was a minor problem with some tiling at the end which they said they would look at which in the end I dealt with, since they left in sep oct of 2010 he has since moved I have spoken to him to him on several occasions when he has said tha he will not let me down and will do the roof, ive also made several phone calls when ha has stated the same, because ive been foolish and treated this person as a friend and trusted him is there anything I can do or do I put it down to experince and next time do it as I should have done and that is on a profesional basis.

  3. Diane Marsh

    My daughter is a student in rented accommodation and has had problems sine she moved in – boiler not working – fridge not working – water running from the bathroom through the light fittings etc
    I have tried to help but the landlord has negated everything
    she now wants to move out and he refuses to give back the deposit even though she has put up with problems all through the tenancy – he says they have blocked the drains – even though they have questioned why water flows out of the window when they have a shower and he says this is normal.
    The question is how landlords take advantage of young tenants.
    Can you help?

  4. Anna Summers

    Dear Dom,
    Im writing to you about a parking matter.
    I went to visit a friend in a block of flats in Southend on Sea,this was in March 2011.
    I have just recieved a letter today 9th june 2011, from a debt agency saying I owe £240 for a parking offence.I never had any notice that i had a parking fine the parking people who run this area are called civil enforcement Ltd. Im at my witts end,Im a pensioner and do not have this sort of money what should I do.

  5. Pam Boon

    Can you explain why manufacturers of FEMALE DEODERANTS still put Aluminium in their products when we have been told this could cause cancer and MALE DEODERANTS do not contain it – so I’ve been using the male ones and I am a female!!

    Pam Boon

  6. lynne

    hi can you tell me as my wife went shoping at our local civic centure we been shoping there for 20 years but we have been sent a parking ticket saying we parked more there more the 2 hours there saying to send them recites from from the shops if we want to make appeal but we recived the parking ticket 10 days after they dont have any signs saying keep your recites in case you recive a ticket they dont put a ticket on the car they just send you a letter saying they have cameras monitoring the car park when cars come in and out can you help thanks

  7. Stephanie McCartney

    Hi Dom, I dont know if you will be able to help us but I am writing to say that my family booked an holiday with lowcostholidays August 2010 . The service when things go wrong is none existent. In summary we researched hotels in Majorca. We booked a named hotel because it was close to the beach. We had our 4 year old daughter with us so the proximity to the beach was highly significant to me booking with them ( it cerainly was not the cost ). When we got to the hotel the manager of the hotel said our “hotel had been cancelled”.Leaving us without accomodation with a tired 4 year old. We had to pay upfront for accomadation in another hotel until Monday.If I could have walked away (as you do when your being hussled I would have but we were in Spain) . No one available to sort anything. No reps. The numbers given, not able to help. It was extremely stressful. Still not had a satisfactory answer.

  8. Ian

    Hi I have recently split with my partner, and they have put a load of debt onto me, which is hard to take as I gave up work 8 years ago to bring up are two children and they have taken out cards in my name and now I have to pay. But they have also given me a domestic bill for gas of nearly £1000 and I feel I should not have to take the whole cost of this, what can be done to help me