One of a kind: The Koenigsegg and more

I’ve been playing around with our new used car search tool and it’s fascinating to discover all the different car makes that have just a single car for sale on the site.

Top Gear fans will know all about the Koenigsegg CCX. You can get your hands on the 800bhp two-seater supercar – but it doesn’t come cheap.

There’s also a Belsize 15hp with classic old car looks for sale boasting its original log book – from 1919.

A single De Tomaso can be found on the site as well – a bright yellow Mangusta roadster would be a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd.

You can also find a Gilbern Invader from 1972 and a Ginetta G series sports car. There’s also one example of the wonderfully-named Khaleej Scarab off-roader

Other one-model makes available include the Panther Lima (a ’70s car that looks a bit like the Belsize), Sebring MXR roadster, Sunbeam Alpine Mk5 soft-top, Mitsuoka Viewt four-door with its oddly narrow front, Talbot Sunbeam small family car, TD 2000 (old-fashioned soft top) and the Caterham-esque Tiger Avon.

Do you have one of these unusual cars? Would you like one? Let us know…


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  1. Hi thouroughly enjoyed reading the blog. Thought i’d send my thanks!

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