The ‘Oopma Loompa’ Bentley – Modifying gone mad?

German tuners Mansory have taken the normally subtle Bentley Continental and turned it into an animal capable of 205mph.

But it’s not the 200mph+ top speed which gets the petrolhead’s pulses running at first, it’s the Bentley’s bodywork.

Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental

The normally reserved-looking footballers’ favourite has been to the tanning salon as well as the tuning shop and is available in an orange/black combo.

But it’s a Bentley – aren’t these British supercars meant to be reserved with the performance doing the talking, not the outlandish bodywork?

Not in my view. While I may not be a fan of making a Bentley resemble the colour of a WAG in St Tropez, supercars are meant to shout ‘look at me’ and this one certainly does.

We’re inundated with cars tuned and modified to the extreme. Range Rovers with gullwing doors, 202mph Volkswagen Golfs and Porsche 911s hitting 213mph.

Major manufacturers spend millions on research and development making the perfect car before tuners fit a new supercharger or air filter to get an extra 5mph out of them.

It begs the question – Are these cars really better than the standard models?

Either way I love opening up my mailbox each day to read the latest crazy supercar press release.

Do you like these modified motors or are they supercar sacrilege? Tell us.



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6 responses to “The ‘Oopma Loompa’ Bentley – Modifying gone mad?

  1. tanning salons which are equipped with the latest equipment is the facility that i always visit `

  2. Looks more like a blingmobile now than a heavily tuned luxury saloon. Brabus did a much better job with the Merc that showcased recently. Maybe an all black one for the more subtle, yet still totally wadded petrolhead?

  3. They’ve ruined a perfectly good car. For me the Project Kahn – 2006 Continental GT is a perfect example of how to improve this car.

    There is a reason they dont paint Bentley’s that colour.

  4. Ben

    Still a good looking car apart from them rediculess orange wheels. Maybe you wont see as many of these on the road as the normal continental GT. Supercars need to be more exclusive and rare!

  5. Jon

    Why did they bother? It’s awful.

    Edited by moderator. No swearing please.

  6. Kyle Ellis

    It is a thing of beauty … anybody who has taken anything and spent a fortune making it go better can be forgiven for not picking any other colour but orange for a quality car.However with the recent ST in garish orange perhaps it is becoming the signature of a quality car.

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