Clarkson’s greatest quips…you decide

Jeremy Clarkson was yesterday named as…the fourth wittiest man in Britain.


Excuse the long pause, but we at Auto Trader towers have come over all Jezza in light of the mullet-sporting one’s trademark delivery and wit – oh, and that Top Gear thing he does now and then.

But the greatest Clarkson quote ever?

From describing the BMW Z3 as the choice of steed for the insane, to simply not saying anything at all about the previous generation Vauxhall Vectra, Jeremy has provided the world with some of the greatest put-downs in recent memory.

But what are your favourites? Any others you think are worthy of note?

To paraphrase the pipe-smoking pundit, it’s like voicing your thoughts…on a blog.



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6 responses to “Clarkson’s greatest quips…you decide

  1. mick sutton

    his recent quip about lorry drivers murdering prostitutes was really out of order,

    many of the people they murder arent prostitutes at all!!!

  2. vijaypattni

    Thanks Mike – all amended!

  3. Mike

    just thort i would say the “by that i mean u wake up in a morning and think you are an onion” comment was about the bmw X3 not the Z3…..think ive watch a bit too much topgear….lol

  4. dave hayes

    Nissan Sunny-
    “Should have been called the Nissan drizzle or the Nissan spam”. ( and i agree )

  5. Mike Currie

    When speaking about the Air Conditioning on the new Lambourghini Gallardo/Murcialago:

    “its like an athsmatic on the dsahboard blowing through a straw” … follow demonstration of event…

  6. keithcollantine

    “Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary – that’s what gets you.”

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