Pay-as-you-drive plans scrapped

The Government has listened to the 1.8 million motorists who signed a petition against road charging, according to today’s papers.

Almost two million drivers gave Number 10’s website the thumbs down over the change, which could have cost drivers up to £1.30 per mile.

Congestion charge

While Peter Roberts, the campaigner who started the petition, hailed the news as, “a good day for democracy.” the Tories seized the opportunity saying: “It shows a complete lack of direction. We have been urging them [the Government] to scrap national road pricing for the last two years.”

It will now be the decision of local authorities to introduce road pricing schemes. So far only Greater Manchester has submitted a formal application, with likely candidate’s the West Midlands deciding not to go ahead.

Is this indeed a great day for the motorist, or was this a viable solution to the nation’s traffic gridlock? Have your say by leaving a comment.



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2 responses to “Pay-as-you-drive plans scrapped

  1. I too am pleased this isnt going ahead at the moment but as Alan said, its bound to come back, any scheme for the goverment to get more money, will definately be put into place.

  2. Great that this plan is currently being shelved but it will come back as no goverment can resist any idea too get more money – watch this space and question was professor begg anything to do with the original idea? – would like to know if he was please – thnks

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