Drive an M3 for free

Well, a virtual one.

BMW has just released the BMW M3 challenge game, which lets you burn 3D rubber across Germany’s classic Nürburgring circuit.

Inside BMW M3

Inside BMW M3

We’ve been testing it out, and we have to say – it’s not bad. The game engine is the same as the BMW 5 series GT Legends, with emphasis on realism and control rather than speed and ease of use.

It’s an interesting bit of marketing from BMW and an enjoyable one at that – the graphics are crisp and it sounds great. The only trouble you’ll find is if your laptop‘s graphics card isn’t up to much, like ours. So don’t forget to brake early!

The challenge itself will allow up to 1,000 participants to race and record their fastest laps, with one eventual victor emerging from 14 finalists.

BMW M3 back

BMW M3 - Back

The prize remains a mystery however, with BMW describing it only as, “exciting.” If it’s anything less than a real M3 E92 Coupé, we’d be disappointed.

With 400bhp and a price tag of £50,625, the new BMW M3 is a speedy little devil. It’s just a shame I haven’t driven one in real life (yet)!

You can download the free game from BMW’s mini-site.


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