It’s Top Gear if you’re larger than average

The Top Gear America special was one of the most entertaining TV shows of the year. One of the highlights was meeting the Stig’s cousin. And for those who missed it, yes he was fat, very fat. The BBC’s merchandise people cottoned onto this and started selling T-shirts with ‘I AM THE STIG’S FAT COUSIN’ emblazoned on the front.

Only available XL, XXL, and XXXL the batch of 350 has now sold out.

In the one-off, the boys’ challenge was to buy a car each for under $1,000 and drive it from Florida to New Orleans before selling it for a profit. Oh, and on the way they had to take part in a selection of plain stupid challenges – including trying to get each other killed.

And people say we don’t get our money’s worth out of the licence fee.

More Top Gear T-shirts


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